In Act 5 Scene 2, a challenge is accepted between Laertes and Hamlet, the fight is arranged and Hamlet fights Laertes, although as they are picking their swords Laertes has his own sword and also has poison where he stabs hamlet with his poison sword and as he does this, Hamlet stabs him back. After […]

Hamlet and horatio interrupt two gravediggers at work, as Ophelia’s funeral procession approache. During the funeral, Hamlet bursts out infront of the mourners to declare his love in a confrontation with Laertes. after they talk about their love of Ophelia, they fight.

Claudius finds out that Hamlet has returned from Denmark and orders Laertes to get his revenge on Hamlet and kill him. Also in this seen the Queen talks about Ophelia’s death.

In Act 4 scene 6 Horatio has news for Hamlet who is returning from Denmark, and then is later confronted by the sailors who have letter to give to hamlet. The letters were about his sea voyage.

Orphelia is crazy with grief for her father’s death, and claudius gets worried that the murder will have serious consequences. Laertes demands retribution, and his distress is even more when he sees his sister.

Fortinbras is planning to attack Denmark, and Hamlet is thinking about whether he is not doing enough in his revenge. Fortinbras is planning to attack Denmark because at the beginning of the story, Hamlets father killed Fortinbras’ Father and Fortinbras is looking for revenge.

Hamlet is brought to the king and thyen tells Claudius where the body of Polonius is. After that Polonius gets very worried about Hamlet and tells him to leave to England as Claudius plots to kill him.

Hamlet refuses to tell Rosencrantz and Guildenstern where he hid the body of Polonius, so that Claudius did not find out.

Claudius was expecting to hear about the outcome of his plot, which was to get Hamlet killed, but then learns instead that polonius is dead.

Polonius hid behind the curtains to overhear Hamlet’s conversation with his mother, waiting to kill him. Hamlet then confronts Gertrude about her guilt of marrying claudius.